What Is A Musical Hug?

Music and hugs are two distinctively human activities universally celebrated and valued. They possess the power to touch our hearts and bring us together. It says we care without using words.

“Musical Hugs” is a simple way to describe my service of singing songs to severely-ill children. During hospital stays, children need love and support. However, it’s not always practical to hold, much less hug, them. So, I deliver “Musical Hugs” – expressions of love and caring in the form of live music, one song at a time.

I imagine “Musical Hugs” happening all around us, everyday to all kinds of people, everywhere. To bring the concept “Musical Hugs” to life, I will be sharing personal stories from a wide range of perspectives to illustrate the power of music.

My goal is to build a greater appreciation for the countless ways music intersects with emotional needs and makes a positive difference.

“A Hug Works” Video Introduction

Hugs are our way to tell others that you love and care for them without having to use words. They come in countless forms with different features: bear hugs and air hugs, knee hugs and tree hugs, and many more. However, I prefer “music hugs.”

I wrote a song about the positive power of hugs with the help of my friends Paul G. Hill and Jim Newton from Kidlinks. This video celebrates the song’s simple idea that “A Hug Works,” especially when it’s a “musical hug.”

Happy hugging!


This “Texans with Character” video, originally aired by the Dallas CBS News affiliate in July 2016, nicely shows what a “musical hug” looks and feels like in the children’s hospital setting.

Inspiring Others To Unleash The Vast Emotional Power Of Music To Improve The Human Condition –  One Song, At A Time

About the Book "Musical Hugs"

"At its core, Musical Hugs is a book about music and why it matters. Musical Hugs provides readers a front row seat to what it is like to use music to provide comfort and healing for ..."
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