“Musical Hugs”The Book

book_cover4At its core, Musical Hugs is a book about music and why it matters.

Musical Hugs provides readers a front row seat to what it looks and feels like to bring the gift of music to heal the most vulnerable of audiences – hospitalized children.

Through firsthand accounts of hospital visits, Musical Hugs reveals the joy and pain, the power and the limits of music to improve the human condition.

Musical Hugs shares the authors’ personal journey where he discovered performing his music mattered more when it benefited others. This book shares how one man’s journey to serve that offers an example to anyone who desires to make a difference in our world.

Musical Hugs is an expression Larry coined to describe how he serves through expressions of love, one song at a time.  His intention is to inspire others to unleash their own gifts in service to others.

Musical Hugs is a warm, thought-provoking, and enjoyable reflection on music, compassion, communication, and calling, and the intersections between them.  As with any good story, there are lessons to be learned here, not only about Larry’s journey, but about my own.
David LaMotteAuthorWorldchanging 101: Challenging The Myth of Powerless

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