Share Your Musical Hug Story

“Musical Hug” is an expression I came up with it to communicate what it feels like when I share music with children and experience first hand it’s vast power.

I have been so inspired by their responses to the music that I’ve shared many of my musical hug stories in my book titled, Musical Hugs. I know I’m not the only one who has received or given a “Musical Hug”. I believe these acts of musical hugs are happening all around us each day, to different audiences in all kinds of settings.

I invite you to share your personal story of how music touched your life or the life of someone you know. My hope is that together we can build a greater appreciation for the countless ways music intersects with emotional needs and makes a positive difference. We want to hear and share your “musical hug” story.

Larry Dykstra

P.S. – Here’s the form to easily submit your Musical Hug story.  There is a 500 word limit. And don’t forget to upload an image.